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Taking Proactive Steps Prior To Divorce

Many people believe that antenuptial agreements – or more commonly referred to as prenuptial agreements – are only for the rich and wealthy, but these types of contracts can benefit couples of all income levels, especially when it comes time to divide assets and debts in a divorce.

Prenuptial agreements allow spouses to take an inventory of their assets and debts, then determine how these should be distributed before they become entangled during the course of marriage. In most cases, prenuptial agreements are drafted before any negative feelings arise, making the process typically amicable and easily negotiable.

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Considering A Prenuptial Agreement

At Bebout, Potere, Cox & Bennion, P.C., we know that the decision to draft a prenuptial agreement does not come overnight. It takes time to make a decision as well as inventory the assets and debts each partner brings to the marriage. Prenuptial agreements are typically best suited for individuals who:

  • Have a considerable amount of assets before marriage
  • Are coming into the marriage with large debts
  • Have business investments they want to keep separate
  • Have inheritance money or large monetary gifts in their name

When you sit down and talk to the compassionate attorneys at our firm, we will explain everything from drafting a prenuptial agreement to executing one if the marriage ends in divorce. We help you divide your assets and debts to help you avoid the difficult process of untangling them later when emotions generally are running high. We can even help you challenge the terms of a defective prenuptial agreement if necessary.

Caring And Trusted Counsel

At Bebout, Potere, Cox & Bennion, P.C., we understand how overwhelming the divorce process can be and how stressed it can leave you. A prenuptial agreement can alleviate a lot of this stress – even if your marriage hasn’t started yet. Let us help you take a proactive step in your relationship that could benefit you greatly, if the worst should happen to your marriage.

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